Guatemala Las Lomas
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Guatemala Las Lomas

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Its Back!

One of our original coffees we offered when we were starting out, selling to friends and family, farmers markets and eventually, in our cafe!

This is an absolute crowd-pleasing coffee. This crop has a nuttier and sweetness to it than previous. Still, you can find those chocolate notes in a Chemex or V60 pour over.

What we taste: Nutty, think macadamia or cashews. With an amazing molasses sweetness and mouth feel. So excited to finally get this coffee back!

Available online and in our coffee shop!

FARM/LOT NAME: Finca Las Lomas
San Marcos, Guatemala
PRODUCER : German and Jose Aguirre
PROCESS : Washed
: Direct Trade


*Please note. Ground coffee will go stale much quicker in storage than whole bean. We would always recommend customers to grind their own at home for the freshest smoothest cup of coffee.