Ethiopia Guji- Organic
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Ethiopia Guji- Organic

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This Ethiopia Guji natural coffee is one we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for. This coffee out of Shakiso Guji in Ethiopia has only escalated our obsession with naturals and what they have to offer. This coffee is silky smooth, with a syrupy mouthfeel. We taste a combination of Strawberries, cooked honey soaked peaches, and a nice lemon tartness to end. Truly a diverse coffee you can enjoy with any brew method!

Excellent pour over on the V60 and Chemex. Medium/fine grind, 210 degrees for best extraction.

ORIGIN : Sidama, Ethiopia
ELEVATION : 1800-1900M
PROCESS : Natural
NOTES : Strawberry, honey soaked peaches, lemon


*Please note. Ground coffee will go stale much quicker in storage than whole bean. We would always recommend customers to grind their own at home for the freshest smoothest cup of coffee.