Get to Know Us

One thing you should know about us, is we love to travel. On every trip we've experienced, we have sought out local coffee shops, and if there was a roastery, we were sure to check that out, too. Coffee and traveling has become such a large part of our lives, so this just felt natural. 

 We're always up for an adventure, and trying something new. Along a trip in Georgia, we were met by an awesome lady who took time out of her day to indulge us in her ups and downs, and how she ended up the owner of a coffee roasting company, and how she has never been happier.

 Intrigued after learning about the processes of roasting coffee, we knew we wanted to give it a try. Roasting on my stove in our home and tasting the best cup of coffee I have ever had, I knew roasting our own coffee was something we were going to continue to do. Along the way of finding coffees to try, we quickly learned the processes, how the coffee is sourced, and how it is one of the utmost importance when it comes to a great quality cup of coffee. Fueled by the passion for sustainability and quality, we continued to enjoy our coffee. So we decided to share it. So here we are, sharing the same cup of coffee we drink, with you. Welcome and thank you.