Colombia El Mirador
Colombia El Mirador
Colombia El Mirador
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Colombia El Mirador

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Miller Bustos inherited Finca El Mirador from his mother 20 years ago, becoming the third generation of coffee growers. Finca El Mirador leads the way in fermentation methods and production of unique coffees. We are very excited to have a limited amount of this amazing and fun coffee to share with you. What we taste in our cup is Pineapple, mango, raspberry tart & maple syrup. Very juicy when experienced as a pour over. Natural process and anaerobic fermentation.

FARM/LOT NAME: El Mirador - Miller Bustos produced
ORIGIN : Pitalito, Huila Colombia
PROCESS : Natural Anaerobic fermentation
VARIETIAL : Pink Bourbon


*Please note. Ground coffee will go stale much quicker in storage than whole bean. We would always recommend customers to grind their own at home for the freshest smoothest cup of coffee.