Honduras Decaf Organic
Honduras Decaf Organic
Honduras Decaf Organic
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Honduras Decaf Organic

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Sourced directly from Honduras, from the family who farms these amazing coffee beans. Organic Honey process + Mountain Water Process. No chemicals are used to process this coffee. This coffee also took 1st Place in the Golden Bean North America for the Decaf Category.

Honey process, fun name, but no honey is actually used,  is where the coffee seeds have only had their outside layer and fruit removed, leaving a sticky sweet layer on the seed itself to dry on patios in the sun. 

Roasted medium, we find a honey sweetness and mouthfeel, along with a nice citrus brightness. 


From the producer: With a recent rise in popularity of decaf coffees, we decided to profile a particular honey process (higher quality processing method) coffee from a collective of farmers in the Marcala region then we sent it to Descamex in Vera Cruz, Mexico where it was organically decaffeinated using pure water from Pico de Orizaba (without use of chemicals). 


FARM/LOT NAME: De La Finca Marcala Collective
ORIGIN : Marcala, Honduras
PRODUCER : Marcala Collective
PROCESS : Honey process + Mountain water process
CERTIFICATIONS : OrganicDirect Trade
NOTES : Honey, citrus, sweet


*Please note. Ground coffee will go stale much quicker in storage than whole bean. We would always recommend customers to grind their own at home for the freshest smoothest cup of coffee.