Coffee House Blend- Organic
Coffee House Blend- Organic
Coffee House Blend- Organic
Shaded Bloom Coffee Roasters

Coffee House Blend- Organic

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A fun, versatile & easy drinking coffee that could please anyone looking to expand their coffee drinking experience.  A blend of Guatemala, Ethiopia and Colombia. Used on an espresso machine, with great crema, milk chocolate, and strawberries. Pour over or drip, can easily find a sweet fruity nose, with a chocolate undertone complimented by nutty notes. Finishes with a great mouthfeel and a sweetness at the end.

ORIGIN : Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia
PROCESS : Washed & Natural
CERTIFICATIONS : Organic, Fair Trade
NOTES : Strawberry, Chocolate, Macadamia nut


*Please note. Ground coffee will go stale much quicker in storage than whole bean. We would always recommend customers to grind their own at home for the freshest smoothest cup of coffee.